Achievements and Challenges: Crime

Campaign funding: President Cyril Ramaphosa’s opponents within the ANC say he should step aside as party leader while the ANC integrity commission investigates allegations of vote buying. (Delwyn Verasamy/M&G)

Fighting crime and fighting the causes of crime will be a priority of the ANC government in the next five years and there is a need to overhaul the criminal justice system to ensure that the levels of crime are drastically reduced. Corruption must be stamped out. The ANC government will:

  • Establish a new modernised, efficient and transformed criminal justice system to develop the capacity for fighting and reducing crime in real terms. Government will review the functioning of the police, the judiciary and the correctional services to achieve integration and coordination.
  • Actively combat serious and violent crime by being tougher on criminals and organised syndicates. In this respect, we will increase the capacity of the SAPS through recruitment, rigorous training, better remuneration, equipping and increasing the capacity of especially the Detective Services, forensics, prosecution, judicial services and crime intelligence.
  • Establish and strengthen the new unit to fight organised crime.
  • Provide greater support for the SAPS, especially to combat the attacks on the members of the SAPS, Including through introducing legislative measures to protect law-enforcement officials in the execution of their duties.
  • Combat violence and crimes against women and children by increasing the capacity of the criminal justice system to deal with such violence.
  • Mobilise communities to participate in combating crime through establishing street committees and community courts, amongst others.
  • Step up measures in the fight against corruption within society, the state and private sector, including measures to to ensure politicians do not tamper with the adjudication of tenders. Measures will also be taken to ensure transparent process of the tendering system as well as ensuring much stronger accountability of the public servants involved in tendering process.

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