Twice the Money Slot Machine: Display and Bonus 

Twice the Money Slot

Use the Ainsworth software Twice the Money slot to grab hold of some golden prizes. With its glittering gold mine theme, special dynamite bonus game of free spins, and extra wins that might be up to 8x the value of the same wins in the regular game, this 5-reel, 30-payline slot machine offers some explosive action.

Overall, this straightforward little video slot online is a fantastic option for players of all interests and financial abilities.

Display – Golden Spins

Dependable gold One of the most sought-after materials in the world, precious metal is used to make a variety of priceless products, including coins, jewelry, and even ornaments.

Global exchange rates didn’t totally abandon the gold standard in favor of a fiat currency system until the 1970s, despite the fact that gold has been used as the foundation of monetary currencies for centuries around the world. Now you have some irrelevant information for your upcoming pub quiz!

This slot machine is obsessed with gold, and it shows it to players by displaying a number of symbols in its honor. There is a mining shaft that is tinged with gold, a wagon filled with valuables, a set of scales that weighs out raw gold, and a large, plump golden nugget that glitters in the sunlight. A dynamite icon that functions as a wild substitute for other icons and complete line wins is there to help gamers have a blast while they spin.

The game, which immerses players in a vintage mining pit and uses intricate two-dimensional drawings to depict the icons on the game screen, is overall fairly nicely constructed.

Twice the Money Slot

Playline – Huge Winning Potential

As a result of this slot machine’s mobile optimization, players will be able to tap and swipe their way through the action. To get started, select the bets you want to make on the reels using the pop-up menu.

Spinners have the choice of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 paylines across the 5 reels, with possibilities for stake per line ranging from 0.01 to 100.00 credits per active line. This results in some absolutely enormous maximum bets of 3,000 credits every spin, suitable for high rollers who are willing to spend a lot of money for the chance to win big.

In this game, the awards are unquestionably in gold. The base game of this slot machine offers a total bet multiplier prize of 100x, and players who place the maximum wager could hope to win the jackpot of 300,000 credits if they manage to locate up to 5 golden nugget scatters in any position.

With numerous icons that pay line bet multipliers when they create patterns on active paylines from left to right, there are many different methods to increase your balance.

Boost Your Wins with a Bonus

The golden nugget scatter symbol, which also has the highest payouts in the game, awards 10 free games if three or more appear on the reels, regardless of the location on the payline. Players can increase their winnings during this round of free spins by taking advantage of some unique multiplier dynamite wilds that only occur on the third reel.

The multiplier dynamite is worth 2x during the first four spins, while the free spins from spins five through eight have a 4x multiplier. The 8x multiplier on the third reel during the final two free spins makes them the most lucrative.

With the exclusive “Twice the Money Slot” option, players can increase their winnings even more. By generating an additional 5 free games with three or more gold scatter symbols, this essentially functions as free spins inside of free spins. In this game, the multiplier wilds are still available.

Free spins with up to 8x multiplier wilds? Everything sounds very alluring. The free spins in this game, however, are played with a different paytable that delivers far smaller payouts than usual, which may frustrate gamers. In actuality, the feature paytable’s top line bet multiplier jackpot is a pitiful 60x.

Finale: Fool’s Gold?

There are a number of slot machines with gold mine themes available on the market, but Twice the Money slot will compete with any of them thanks to its strong wagering possibilities and respectable appearance.

Although the bonus feature is played with a less profitable paytable, the video slot by Ainsworth software still offers players the option to take advantage of some bonus free spins with multiplier wilds.

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