Starburst Online Slot Review

starburst online slot

Starburst online slot is a popular online slot game developed by NetEnt, a leading software provider in the online casino industry. This game is known for its visually appealing design, fast-paced gameplay, and exciting features, making it a consistent favorite among online casino players. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of the game, including its theme, gameplay mechanics, bonuses, and strategies that can be employed to increase players’ chances of winning.

Theme and Design

Starburst has a cosmic theme, with a vibrant and visually striking design. Players are taken on an interstellar adventure through the vastness of space, with the aim of discovering elusive gemstones. The game’s symbols consist of holographic gemstones, each with its unique shape and color, representing different values. The backdrop portrays an enthralling view of outer space, accompanied by a mesmerizing soundtrack that complements the futuristic atmosphere. Try out this amazing strategy at pentaslot.

Gameplay Mechanics

One of the reasons Starburst has gained immense popularity is its streamlined gameplay mechanics. The game features:

  • 5 reels
  • 3 rows
  • 10 paylines

Symbols: different colored gemstones, the lucky number 7, and the classic ‘BAR’ symbol.

Paylines of Starburst Online Slot

The 10 paylines in Starburst online slot are fixed, which means players must bet on all of them in each spin. However, one unique feature of this game is that it pays both ways: winning combinations can be formed from left-to-right or right-to-left, effectively doubling the chances of winning.

Betting Range

Players have a wide range of betting options, as they can adjust both the coin value and the bet level. The coin value can range from €0.01 to €1.00, while the bet level varies from 1 to 10. Accordingly, the minimum bet per spin is €0.10, and the maximum bet is €100. This wide betting range makes Starburst suitable for both casual players and high rollers.

Gameplay Features

Starburst comes with simple yet exciting gameplay features, designed to enhance the overall experience. These include:

Starburst Wild: The Starburst Wild symbol is a vibrant, colorful star that can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. When it appears, the Wild expands to cover the entire reel, increasing the possibility of forming winning combinations. Additionally, the Wild triggers a re-spin, providing more opportunities for wins.

Re-Spins: When a Starburst online slot Wild appears, it rewards the player with a re-spin. If another Wild symbol appears during the re-spin, it expands and locks in place along with the previously expanded Wilds, and another re-spin is awarded. This can happen up to a maximum of 3 re-spins, increasing the potential wins significantly.


While Starburst lacks a traditional bonus round or free spins feature, the game compensates with its expanding Wilds and re-spin feature. The Starburst Wilds provide ample winning opportunities, along with an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience.


As the game’s results are determined by a Random Number Generator, there’s no specific strategy to guarantee wins. However, players can adopt certain measures to manage their bankroll and prolong their gameplay, such as setting a loss limit, sticking to a budget, and gradually adjusting the bet size based on the gameplay.

Popularity and Accessibility

Starburst online slot enduring popularity can be attributed to its easy-to-understand gameplay, appealing design, and rewarding features. The game is widely available across various online casinos and compatible with different devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Starburst online slot is a visually stunning and exhilarating game that will keep players entertained with its simple yet rewarding gameplay mechanics. Despite lacking a traditional bonus round, the game maintains excitement levels through its expanding Wilds and re-spin feature. Furthermore, the cosmic theme, vibrant design, and accessibility across devices make Starburst a must-try for online casino enthusiasts.

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