Santa King Megaways Slot Demo: Number of Reels, Volatility & RTP

Santa King Megaways Slot

In an effort to capitalize on the holiday season, developer Inspired Gaming keeps the Reel King franchise going by copying Reel King Megaways. Santa King Megaways Slot Demo truly depends on your opinion of the original because they are so similar. A few tiny cosmetic adjustments, an RTP drop, and a track modification are the only differences between them. If you can’t get enough of the King, who seems to be everywhere, here he is dressed as Santa for the holidays.

A Megaways grid with 6 main reels and a bonus reel running horizontally along the top is where the action takes place. 2–7 symbols land on the main reels on each spin, while 4 appear on the tracker. This setup generates 117,649 possibilities to win when used to its maximum potential. When two or three identical symbols land next to one another on the leftmost reel, the player wins.

There aren’t many changes in terms of the changes. New wallpaper is primarily to blame, along with the occasional sprinkle of snow and Santa hats scattered around. Oh, the music has changed. Look for holiday songs like Jingle Bells and other favorites to get into the holiday spirit. The King is back to his old tricks other than that.

Santa King Megaways Slot Demo, which can be played on any device, provides wagers between 20p and £/€20 each spin. Be prepared for the same high volatility, which is exacerbated by the chance choice during features. RTP has decreased from the initial 96.23%. Why? What is Santa’s license fee? Entropy? Do you feel like the Grinch? Whatever it is, Santa King Megaways generates a 95.56% return on investment for players.

There are no unforeseen surprises with regard to the paytable. You’ll find cherries, plums, watermelons, 9-A card symbols, a Santa bundle full of gifts and coins, and more from low to high. All saves the sack require a minimum of three to win, whereas the sack just requires two.

Six sacks in a line result in a 50x payoff, while the other combinations pay out full line wins between 0.8 and 7.5 times. The crown continues to function as the wild symbol, substituting for any other pay symbol on the additional reel.

Santa King Megaways Slot Demo – Features

All of the features return in essentially the same shape as before because we are dealing with a whitewashed Christmas version. Cascades, Lit Reels, the Reel King Feature, and a round of free spins will please those who fear change.

A new symbol will cascade down to fill in the spaces left by the winning ones after each win thanks to the Cascade function, which removes winning symbols from the board. This may result in additional winning combinations, and the cycle continues until a non-winning cascade happens. The following spin then occurs.

An outdated feature called Lit Reels made a comeback in the Megaways upgrade. Up to 6 reels can yellow size on each spin in the main game. Each cascade will also turn a reel yellow, and if all six do, the game switches to the Reel King feature. One more brings players to the Mega King feature, while two more cascade past the Super King feature.

If this is the case, at least one Reel King will now be spinning a one-line mini slot above the reels. If you’ve never seen it before, it can be a little challenging to understand what’s happening at first. Simply said, the payout for landing three matching colored symbols is 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x the original wager.

Additionally, these symbols could have a yellow background. If three of these occur, the player advances along the Free Spins trail that is visible at the top of the screen. Depending on which one was triggered, the free spins trail and the number of Reel Kings present during the feature may vary:

  • 8 to 12 free spins and 1 to 2 Reel Kings are offered by Reel King.
  • 8–20 free spins and 2–3 Reel Kings in Super King.
  • 8 to 25 free spins with 3 to 6 Reel Kings are offered in Reel King.

The corresponding Reel King vanishes when a losing combination appears on the mini-slot with fewer than three illuminated reels. When all Reel Kings have been used up, the feature ends. If that occurs and players have accrued bonus spins from the trail, the game advances to the following feature.

However, the free spins do not begin immediately. The first option is for players to collect or gamble the winnings. A wheel spins if a bet is made; it has the potential to award more spins up to 25 or reduce spins to zero. The bonus is activated by clicking “Take” or by receiving 25 free spins.

A win multiplier in Santa King Megaways Slot Demo is in effect during free spins, starting at x1, and it can go up indefinitely by +1 with each cascade. Following each cascade, reels begin to illuminate once more, this time in red, starting from the leftmost reel. Between spins, neither the multiplier nor the illuminated reels are reset. Two scrolls spin if all six of the reels turn red, delivering one to three free spins and raising the multiplier to three.

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Santa King Megaways Slot Demo – Conclusion

It makes sense that producers wouldn’t spend a lot of time or money creating Christmas-themed slots if users were only going to play them for five minutes at the end of the year.

Such is the case with Santa King Megaways Slot Demo, which is a near replica of Reel King Megaways, a slot machine that lacks much originality on its own. Apart from the wallpaper with snowflakes, a few Christmas carols playing in the background, and the plodding RTP decline, most things have stayed the same.

Since Santa King Megaways Slot Demo is so similar to the last one, there isn’t much more you can actually add. There is nothing stopping players from enjoying themselves if they are into the entire Reel King thing, as many are. Enough said. If you don’t like the King, spinning the Santa version probably won’t do much to fill your stocking.

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