Message from the ANC President

Message from the ANC President

Our guiding principle is to live by the motto on our country’s coat of arms. We aspire to the creation of a nation united in diversity. It is a goal to which we all aspire and it is the path to achieving our shared goal of a better life for all.

Our constitution, inspired by the vision of the Freedom Charter unites a nation of many languages and significant cultural, religious and socio economic diversity. We have to work together to weave the threads that will see us celebrating a nation which is non racial, non-sexist and democratic – a nation that is dedicated to pushing back the frontiers of poverty.

The ANC led government has made much progress in the past 15 years, in the provision of housing, water and electricity to millions of homes. Our economy has grown, more jobs have been created than in any other time in our history and we have deepened our democracy. We have extended social protection to millions of South Africans through the provision of social grants.

There is still much to do to reach our goals and new challenges have arisen. We have to ensure that we grow the economy to meet the needs of our people squarely. Lasting victory over poverty and hunger requires the creation of decent work opportunities and sustainable livelihoods. Education must be at the centre of our efforts to improve the potential of every citizen and enable each one of us to play a productive role in building our nation. The quality of services the government will provide must be improved.

A vote for the ANC is a vote for a better life for all.

As a mass based organisation that is rooted amongst the people, reaching into every sector of society and every corner of the land, the ANC has the capacity to get all of society working together to make change happen faster.

Building upon our achievements and learning from our experience in government since 1994, we are committed to improving the quality of education, health care, sanitation, and to accelerate the delivery of houses to millions of our people and achieve a better life for all.

Our fight against crime will be a key priority to ensure safer and more secure communities.

Rural infrastructure development and agricultural reforms are at the heart of our plan to improve our country’s food security.

The ANC is best placed to lead our country in the right direction, ensuring growth that is equitable and sustainable, as well as prosperity for all our citizens.

The ANC thanks all the citizens of our country for their input into the development of this Manifesto and we look forward to continuing our dialogue with you in the next five years.

Working together we can do more.

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma

Staff ANC

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