Happiest Christmas Tree Slot Review: RTP 97.88% (Habanero)

Happiest Christmas Tree Slot Review

Are you searching for the Happiest Christmas Tree slot review? This game is one of my favorites among the new games that are being announced these days. 

The game not only has awesome graphics, as it does not rely on Royals for many of its symbols as other games do, but it also has its own unique storyline, thanks to the emphasis on the Christmas tree rather than Santa Claus. It’s one of Habanero’s latest releases, a slot machine that appears to be a lot of fun.

A Brief of Happiest Christmas Tree Slot Review

They developed a system that incorporates 40 paylines across 5×3 reels. The game will rely on several fixed jackpots that can pay out a decent amount, even up to 250x the stake, but there will also be regular combinations that pay out. 

Helping the slot to be one of the best paying updates this holiday season, as the RTP suggests. Whether it’s through wild symbols, scatters, or free spins, the slot appears to have a standard mix of features, so it’s as traditional as most games in that regard.

1. Wagering Options

For every round, you must use at least 40 coins and 40 active lines. You will be able to select more than one coin per line, as well as the value for them, in the slot. It’s a low-stakes game, with wagers starting at $0.40. If previous Habanero releases are any indication, it can be a costly proposition.

The slot will have its own set of standard combos to offer, but for now, let’s look at the fixed jackpots that will be paid out, with the best paying up to 250x the stake. 

It’s a sizable prize, and it would seem to be linked to the Bell symbol. The lower paying jackpots are associated with images of Christmas globes, the Moon, or stars in the slot’s feature that will contribute to them activating.

The RTP is one of the most valuable aspects of the game, particularly since it is one of the highest in the Christmas slot category. The RTP for this slot machine is 97.88%, so predicated on that alone, we would advise it over most other Christmas slots.

2. Gameplay (Features)

The game’s features are mostly standard, and it all starts with the Wild Logo, which can appear on all reels. It can form winning combinations and also act as a replacement symbol, so it functions as a replacement in the usual way.

However, scatters are present, and you can use them to activate the slot’s free spins. Three scatters, as usual, will get you into the bonus round.

3. Design and Theme

In terms of the story’s theme, it focuses around a very happy Christmas tree that is accomplishing its goal. It’s a game with only connected symbols inside, with toys and decorations as icons. 

One symbol depicts a Christmas tree, while others feature decorations such as globes, bells, stars, or moons. Toy soldiers, toy trains, drums, and teddy bears are also among the symbols. 

Overall, a good theme that has been expertly implemented, and thanks to its modern design, we found the whole thing to be a lot of fun.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of Happiest Christmas Tree slot review, this upcoming holiday season, this slot gacor game is a must-play slot machine, thanks not only to its theme and graphics, but also to its very high RTP.

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