Golden Gorgon Slot Review: RTP 96% (Yggdrasil)

Golden Gorgon Slot Review
Golden Gorgon Slot Review

We know, you will be impressed with our Golden Gorgon slot review. Ancient Greek mythology, once again, offers a developer with the ideal story for their slot. Medusa makes a reappearance in this one, and we appear to see both her and Perseus (her assassin) on this game reels. 

Medusa was the most famous of the three gorgon sisters who shared the option of turning men into stone. The names of the other two were Euryale and Stheno. Golden Gorgon was created by Yggdrasil Gaming.

Summary of Golden Gorgon Slot Review

Golden Gorgon Slot Review

The Golden Gorgon slot machine will have 5×3 reels and 25 active pay lines. In this case, a 2,500x jackpot is on the line, which is possible while maintaining a 96% RTP. The Golden Gaze respins and column multipliers will be the main features, but there won’t be much else.

1. Betting and Winnings

You can choose a wager that is large enough to cover all 25 lines, which means it must contain 25 coins. The minimum bet is $0.25, with the maximum bet being $400 per spin ($16 per line).

The game’s jackpot is 2,500x the stake, but even though it’s not as large as some of the other new slots, it’s still a good deal, as the RTP of 96% indicates. In terms of volatility, we anticipate it to be on the moderate side.

2. Game Features

This isn’t the type of slot machine that offers a long list of bonus features. On the opposite, it keeps things simple with only a respin mechanic and multipliers. It does, however, have fewer symbols than some of the other new slots, with only seven, making forming winning combos easier than you might expect.

First and foremost, there’s the Golden Gaze mechanic. This is obviously based on Medusa’s ability to turn people into stone when they look at her. The Golden Gaze activates whenever a winning combo is formed, making those winning positions sticky. 

After that, you’ll get a respin for the remaining positions, where you’ll try to improve your win by adding more symbols to the existing combos. The respins will continue after that. If they don’t, they’ll stop and you’ll be able to spin the reels again.

The Column Multiplier is the game’s second most important feature. You’ll need matching symbols that cover two or more full reels for this one.

This game heavily relies on respins to provide you with the required symbols. A multiplier of 2x to 5x will be applied to the winning combos formed based on how many columns are loaded with matching symbols.

3. Theme and Design

Although the Gorgons are mentioned in the title, it appears that Medusa is the one who inspired the slot. The reason we are saying this is because Perseus is one of the top symbols, and Perseus is the Greek hero who killed her. Medusa can be found at the top of the game area, but she does not appear on the reels.

Golden Gorgon’s symbols include the picture of Perseus (top paying symbol), Shield, Sword, and four Royal-style symbols depicting Greek letters carved in stone (Sigma, Alfa, Omega, Psi). Have you played with Situs Judi Slot Gacor Hari Ini.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of Golden Gorgon slot review, the game has an intriguing respin feature, which may be enough to entice some players to give it a try. Instead, it’s fairly simple; it’s heavily reliant on that one mechanic, and the best rewards are only average.

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