Gemini Joker Slot Machine Review: Play and Features

Gemini Joker Slot

Betsoft’s free Gemini Joker slot takes you to starry, hyper-bright interstellar space with a quirky twist. The game grid consists of 5 columns interspersed with 3 rows, with 5 pay lines.

The Joker looks at everything that happens there and sees in particular cherries, watermelons, golden dice, plums, and stars scrolling over it. You can earn multipliers from 2 to 32 points in this game thanks to the Joker. The probable maximum win is the equivalent of 1,700 times the initial bet.

Gemini Joker Slot Machine Review

Theme & Graphic of Gemini Joker Slot

Gemini Joker Slot Machine Review

Gemini Joker slot is the world of gambling and fun. Look at the zodiac sky that spreads out in the background. You will be amazed by this night filled with twinkling stars, one more than the other. On the right side, these light beams are rather bluish.

On the left side, we are rather in a pinkish tone. Most extraordinary in all this is the staggered platform of this landscape. It is a tortuous tray of dark and light tiles covered with a gradient starting from red on the left, towards blue on the right. The joker or clown who is on the platform has no worries, and observes the grid with a benevolent paternal expression.

The Gemini Joker slot is heavily inspired by the style of show castles in circuses. The game grid is formed of gold metal. On the left corner, as on the right corner, we have flared rods striped in red and gold for the one on the left, and blue and gold for the one on the right.

At the top of each of these stems, there is a sort of an upturned crown. The top of the grid resembles the tent decorations of a traveling circus. The background of the grid is a dark midnight blue towards the ends. It can accommodate watermelons, cherries, golden-lined dice, stars, as well as plums. The two Wilds are represented by jokers. For play various slot games, you can visit our recommendation Slot Gacor Gampang Menang site.

Gameplay & Symbols of Gemini Joker Slot

The Gemini Joker slot has 5 columns split by 3 rows with 5 paylines. The redistribution rate is 95.61%, and the authorized bet is between 0.10 and 10 euros per spin.

Gemini Wilds can substitute for a symbol to complete a winning combination. A winning combination of Gemini Wild pays up to 25 times the original bet. One of the Wilds often comes with a 2x multiplier. It doubles your winnings. You can have up to 5 such Wilds, and multiply your winnings by a maximum of 32 points.

The Gemini Joker slot is also the Multiplier Wheel, or the multiplication wheel. This feature is triggered when a column is filled with several pieces of the same symbol. Once thrown, the Multiplier Wheel can grant you a multiplier of 2 to 10 points.

Stacked Reel Respin is also part of the features of this slot. Here, the symbols of the first two columns remain stuck on the grid, immobilized just like these two columns there. The other columns scroll to form winning combinations. The probable maximum win in this slot is 1,700 times the original bet.

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