Farewell to a vocal critic of apartheid – ANC Pays Tribute to Helen Suzman

Helen Suzman
Helen Suzman addressing a mass protest funeral for victims of police action at Mamelodi, Pretoria. Circa 1986. © Sunday Times

The African National Congress (ANC) pays tribute to the late anti-apartheid campaigner Helen Suzman who has died at the age of 91.

As a Member of Parliament and a vocal critic against apartheid, the ANC remembers and respects the contribution of Suzman towards the demise of apartheid.

Like the late PFP MP for Walmer, Molly Blackburn, Suzman used Parliament to fight injustices in South Africa.

Suzman became a thorn in the flesh of apartheid by openly criticising segregation of Blacks by a Whites-only apartheid system.

Her frequent visits to jailed former ANC leader Nelson Mandela and speaking out against forced removals at Crossroads in the Western Cape and other injustices by then minority White regime, speaks volumes about this stalwart.

May her soul rest in peace.

Staff ANC

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