Dragons Clusterbuster Review RTP 96%, High Volatile (Red Tiger)

Dragons Clusterbuster review
Dragons Clusterbuster review

In this Dragons Clusterbuster review, you will find out what is the most interesting within the slot. Big, scaly, fire-breathing dragons are one of the things that software company Red Tiger is known for. 

The mythological creatures have appeared in previous Red Tiger games in various guises and performing various activities, but this must be the first time they are cluster-busting. If you’re not sure what that term means, don’t worry: neither were we at first, but a few spins was all it took to understand. 

If you’ve played Thor’s Lightning before, you’ll have an advantage because the gameplay is comparable. So, if you’re ready to face the beast in the hopes of securing some loot, let’s enter the lair.

Best Dragons Clusterbuster Review

Dragons Clusterbuster is a grid slot with a cluster payoff that is played on a big 9×9 game panel. Its exact position is unknown. While the graphics are appealing, we don’t appear to be in a dragon’s lair per se, but the scale-patterned wall and pointy bits refer to the mythical beasts. 

Dragons Clusterbuster review

In addition, this game reminded me of both a luxury seafood restaurant and a treasure-filled lair half of the time. However, the game has the usual Red Tiger gleam, so there are no graphics concerns.

1. Volatility and RTP

Anyway, the main event is the gaming, which begins with a stake range of 10p/c to £/€20 each spin, followed by a press of the play button. This places 72 symbols on the game grid, with the Clusterbuster, a 33-sized block, in the center. 

The player’s job, similar to Thor’s Lightning, is to blast the Clusterbuster open to get to the good stuff. The action of Dragons Clusterbuster is highly volatile, with a theoretical return to player value of 96%.

2. Pay Symbols

The Clusterbuster’s cluster pay system is the key to breaking it. A winning cluster is generated when five or more matched symbols are adjacent to each other in horizontal or vertical directions. 

The prize is 0.1-0.2x the wager if it is made up of five low-paying 10-A playing card symbols, rising to 5-10x the bet for clusters of 20 or more low-paying symbols. 

Scrolls, swords, orbs, and crowns are high-paying symbols, earning 0.3-1.5x for a five-symbol cluster and up to 12 to 50 times the stake for a cluster of 20 or more premium symbols. An emerald gold wild symbol lends a helpful hand, landing anywhere to replace all paying symbols.

3. Slot Features

Linking winnings together with a chain reaction feature and clearing the Clusterbuster to unlock features and trigger free spins is the way to possible glory in Dragons Clusterbuster. This is how it goes.

Chain Reaction

Dragons Clusterbuster relies heavily on chain reactions. When winning clusters appear on the game board, they are removed and replaced by symbols that fall into the gaps. The chain reaction will continue until there are no more clusters to form.

Clusterbuster and Dragon Eyes Progress

The Clusterbuster is the name given to the 33 block in the center of the grid with a dragon’s egg graphic on it, which was just patented. The outside tiles of a winning cluster that hits adjacent to the Clusterbuster are removed. 

The features are locked at the start of the game, so they cannot be used. To get them, players must break all of the Clusterbuster’s outside tiles. The Clusterbuster hatches and a dragon eye appears above the reels, showing that the Clusterbuster’s related feature is now available. The colors develop from blue to green to purple in a structured way.

Hatchling Features

If a feature is unlocked, it will be activated on the next spin, and the next egg will be placed in the Clusterbuster, ready to be unlocked in the same way. From then on, any unlocked feature can occur at any time on subsequent spins.

Free Spins

After you’ve unlocked all three eggs, the 3-3 Clusterbuster will display the words ‘Free Spins’. When the 8 surrounding tiles are gone, you’ll get 10 free spins. 

The Clusterbuster is removed during free spins, giving you more room to land winning clusters. Hatchling Features are also more likely to appear on random spins. The bonus cannot be retriggered because the Free Spins Clusterbuster is no longer on the hoard. You can enjoy this slot at qqslot.

The Final Results

In addition to the dragon concept, which Red Tiger like, Dragons Clusterbuster contains the type of unlockable features that the studio enjoys as well. Dragons Clusterbuster, as a follow-up to Thor’s Lightning, does a few things that the preceding slot didn’t, both for the better and for the worse. 

For one thing, whilst Dragons Clusterbuster is an appealing game, it is arguably less eye-catching than, because when Hatchling Features are active, the board spectacularly lights up.

Another issue is the bigger game board. Is it more difficult to place winning clusters adjacent to the Clusterbuster, which is required to activate features, now that there’s so much extra space? 

It’s difficult to say, since the volatility and RTP numbers are much the same as before, so it all boils down to opinion. Finally, you already know how the Dragons Clusterbuster review. This online slot game is now available on many online casinos, including situs judi slot online gampang menang bonus new member 100 .

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