Carol of The Elves Slot Review: RTP 96.20% (Yggdrasil)

Carol of The Elves Slot Review
Carol of The Elves Slot Review

In this Carol of The Elves slot review, you will understand how to receive big wins from the game. This game will be the name of Yggdrasil’s Christmas-themed slot in 2020. It will be a traditional holiday-themed slot machine with excellent payouts and entertaining graphics. 

Finding a good game to play during the holidays, when you’re likely at home and in the mood for something lighthearted, isn’t as difficult as you might think, because many developers release new titles every year. This is unquestionably one of the more impressive titles available in 2020.

Summary of Carol of The Elves Slot Review

Carol of The Elves Slot Review

It starts with 5×5 reels and 45 lines, but as you unlock positions, you can increase the number of active ways to 3125. 

Carol of the Elves is expected to have a top jackpot of up to 5,802 times the original wager. It also has a high volatility and a 96.20% RTP, indicating that it will be designed for experienced players based on the amount of risk involved.

1. Wagering Options

Its betting range starts at $0.10 and goes all the way up to $150. This bet will cover all of the possible combinations for the round.

Carol of the Elves, with a top jackpot of $870,300, has a return of over 5,800x the stake in a single spin, assuming the best case scenario. As a result, the volatility is likely to be high, but the RTP of 96.20% is still acceptable.

2. Slot Features

Because you only have 45 lines to play with (from 1-3-5-3-1 symbols), your goal will be to unlock the blocked positions and gain more lines/ways to win. To do so, you must first form wins, as this will reward you with a Magic Star, which will destroy blocked locations and increase the number of ways to win for subsequent respins.

After that, you get 125 ways for the first respin, 1,875 ways for the second respin, and 3,125 ways for the third respin and all subsequent respins.

Multipliers begin to increase after the fourth respin. You get a 2x boost at first, but the ones after that require you to collect 5 Magic Stars to get a 1x boost. You must form winning combinations with green, teal, or blue symbols in order to collect stars. The number of symbols used will determine the number of stars collected.

The respins stop when you stop getting new wins, and the game area resets to the original 45 ways.

The possibility to collect extra lives along the way, which will be used to get you through losing respins, may keep you going for a while. You must collect magic symbols from combinations created with pink, purple, or orange symbols in order to receive new lives.

3. Design and Theme

Although the focus is on the elves rather than Santa, this is still a classic Christmas design. To the left and right of the game area are two meters for respins, with elves colored in green and red at the top. Behind the reels are a Christmas tree and presents.

Reindeer, polar rabbits, polar bear, and the arctic fox are among the symbols on the reels. Pictures of Royals can be found in the low-value ones. Images of Snowflake-like designs on ice can be found in the blocked positions.

Our Conclusion

This game appears to be an intriguing new slot release, suitable for the holidays and featuring adequate graphics. It’s not the most visually appealing game out there; we’ve seen far better in this genre, but it can pay off, and its respin mechanic holds a lot of promise. 

Overall of the Carol of The Elves slot review, the disadvantage is that only 22% of the spins will be winners on average, making it more difficult to initiate respins than in other games. How much keluaran togel do you know.

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