Afterlife Inferno Slot: 3 Reviews to Make Profit

Afterlife Inferno Slot: 3 Reviews to Make Profit
Afterlife Inferno Slot: 3 Reviews to Make Profit

Afterlife Inferno slot is a blistering online game from slot machine maker Leander. What do you think when you think of symbols on slot machines? Fruits probably. Gemstones, animals and the occasional exciting movie as a theme.

Game developer Leander takes a different tack with a rather pompous source of inspiration: the Divina Commedia, the famous epic by poet Dante Alighieri from the 14th century. Yes, that’s high-brow culture!

In his work, Dante describes a journey through the three realms of the dead of the afterlife: hell, purgatory and heaven. The slot Afterlife Inferno aptly starts in hell… Read on soon.

Best Review Afterlife Inferno Slot

1. How Does Afterlife Inferno Work?

Afterlife Inferno has 5 reels, 3 symbols per reel and 20 paylines. You play with a bet from $0.20 per spin. The reels include Dante himself, his muse Beatrice and characters from his stories. There is a Wild symbol (Joker), which doubles any prize you land with it. Yummy.

However, the main symbol on Afterlife Inferno is the large Free Spins symbol, which looks like a gate leading away from hell. If you spin three anywhere on the reels, you win domino99 free spins.

2. The Three Types of Free Spins

You choose from 3 types of free spins:

  • Inferno (Hell), 15 free spins with a multiplier that fluctuates between x3 and x15 per spin
  • Purgatory, 15 free spins with a multiplier that increases by 1 factor after each winning spin
  • Paradise (heaven), 12 free spins with sticky wilds. In terms of cash, this can provide the ultimate paradise

The sticky wilds at Paradise remain for three spins. The number in the symbol indicates how many spins you have left.

In addition, Paradise is the most volatile option: you have the chance to win really big prizes, but this choice can also yield (almost) nothing. 

Inferno is the least volatile, so you have less chance of a big hit, but you usually win a nice amount.

Afterlife Inferno has an extra feature that can randomly appear during the base game: Hell Freezes Over.

One or more reels completely turn into Wilds. After that you get a free re-spin while the Wilds remain. This continues until you run out of new Wilds or all five reels are completely covered with Wilds. Exciting!.

3. The 1000 Spins on The Game

We did play 1000 spins with a minimum bet of 20 cents per spin.

What immediately stands out: the makers of Afterlife Inferno have really done their best to evoke a hellish atmosphere. 

That was successful, especially because of the dark soundtrack. It’s not a happy ending. Not everyone will find the dark theme equally successful.

The first 500 obscure spins, not much happens in hell. Wegets four free spins and chooses Inferno once, Paradise once and Purgatory twice. 

The result is meager: $2.73, $0.48, $3.61 and $3.46. Maybe that’s why Weis getting more and more annoyed by that devilish soundtrack. Hell Freezes Over will also drop by. The profit: $ 2.69.

However, in the second half of the test session, Afterlife Inferno picks up steam and it actually becomes a fairground in hell. The free spins come along six times and that is exciting all the times. Because the free spins do yield money.

Order Traps: 

  • Paradise: $25.19
  • Inferno: $8.28
  • Paradise: $4.72
  • Paradise: $47.76
  • Purgatory: $2.06 and
  • Purgatory: $62.12

The latter is a real winner of more than 310 times the bet. In the end, after 1000 exciting spins, a heavenly profit of $91.84 is on the counter.

In the end, Afterlife Inferno slot is a surprising online slot from Leander in terms of theme. Not everyone will be equally charmed by ‘playing in hell’, but the game is exciting and well put together. 

The slot is nice and volatile: fantastic prizes fall. The only downside is the eerie soundtrack. But luckily we can also turn them off!.

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