5 Lions Gold Slot Review RTP 96.52% (Pragmatic Play)

5 Lions Gold Slot Review

You must be looking for the 5 Lions Gold slot review. This Pragmatic Play’s game is a new game with high volatility, chances to win, and a Chinese theme that’s fairly well developed. 

If you only consider the aesthetics and subject of the game, it doesn’t stand out, but it also has some positive aspects that you can learn about in our review. This is a follow-up to another Pragmatic Play product, and among other things, the Gold version includes a jackpot.

Best 5 Lions Gold Slot Review

5 Lions Gold slot review offers 243 chances to win, and naturally the 5×3 reels on which they are formed are the typical configuration for that many ways. 

The maximum payout each spin is 7,000 times the bet, or $630,000, while the return to player (RTP) is maintained at 96.52%. The game’s feature list includes wilds, the Golden Reels Jackpot, and a Caishen Random Award in addition to free spins with applied multipliers.

1. Betting Option

The wagers can have a minimum value of $0.18 and a maximum value of $90 when 18 coins are used. As a result, the line bet or coin value can increase to $5.

Even though 5 Lions Gold slot review is a high volatility slot machine, it can still pay out well if you obtain the correct combination of supporting symbols. With the wagers that are available, the winnings might reach 7,000 times the bet, which amounts to a payout of up to $630,000.

The machine also offers three set jackpots: Grand (2,000 times the bet), Major (250 times), and Minor (15x).

As we already stated, this is a high-volatility slot machine that might provide large payouts but also presents the possibility of extended periods during which no payouts would be made. 

If you are familiar with how a high volatility slot machine operates and realize that it has the correct RTP of 96.5%, there is no reason to avoid playing it.

2. Game Features

Lion symbols should be avoided because they act as wildcards and can be utilized to create any new winning combination. For a regular sign, you can rely on the Lion to accomplish that, but not for the scatter.

The three jackpots we described above, the best of which is the Grand (2,000x total wager), are triggered by either the Caishen Random Award or the Golden Reels (random feature, which requires three to five golden reels to award a jackpot) (also random, gives either the free spins or the jackpot feature).

You access a picking screen when three scatter symbols appear on the second, third, and fourth reels. There are seven different free spins options on it, one of which is the Mystery Choice. The other options range from 6 to 24 free spins, with wild multipliers reaching a maximum of 40x.

3. Theme and Design

The images of 5 Lions Gold slot review also don’t stick out in any way, and the topic is very typical these days. Every major Chinese-themed game on the market has the same design, complete with lions, dragons, and other animals depicted on the reels.

It doesn’t particularly impress me; these days, we’d characterize it as an ordinary game.

Our Conclusion

In the end of 5 Lions Gold slot review, the game has several great points as well, especially in its rewards of up to 7,000x and its other potential jackpots, despite having only average-looking graphics.

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